About Us

Welcome to BMG Group, your committed partner for helping immigrants to Canada navigate their journey. Our quest started during the COVID-19 lockdown, when people who were beginning their Canadian chapter faced never-before-seen obstacles. As a result, we started holding virtual meetings with the goal of helping newcomers build professional networks and get knowledgeable guidance.

But we quickly saw how much more meaningful help could be provided outside of virtual encounters. This insight resulted in the founding of BMG Group, a nonprofit organization devoted to the social and financial advancement of immigrants. Our goal is to facilitate immigrants' and professionals with foreign training's ascent to Canadian citizenship by streamlining the transfer and settlement procedure.



A community of people, organizations, advocates and businesses who collaborate enabling new Immigrants and International Students to prosper in Canada.


To create pathways for new Immigrants and International Students in Canada to achieve their full potential through Education, Employment and Community Integration.


What makes us unique

Partnerships, Relationships, and Community Development: At BMG Group, we recognize the strength of solidarity. We proactively promote teamwork, meaningful relationships, and the development of a robust community to guarantee that no newbie travels alone.

Coaches & Mentors for Your Achievement: We are more than just a collection of people on our team; we are coaches and mentors dedicated to your development. We offer direction, encouragement, and a plethora of knowledge to enable you to overcome obstacles and prosper in your new setting.

Credibility Is Our Basis: Credibility is crucial to us. We are honored that our community has faith in us. Our organization's foundation is built on our dedication to excellence, sincerity, and transparency.

TRIEC's Proud PIN Member: Being a part of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council's Professional Immigrant Network (PIN) is an honor for BMG Group (TRIEC). Our capacity to serve you better is further enhanced by this relationship, which expands our reach and resources. More information about this can be found at BMG Group | PINs

Dedicated to Your Development: We Thrive Together: BMG Group is a community that cares about your success, not just a company. Our commitment is to your growth, and we think that working together, we can accomplish amazing things.

How we can assist you

BMG Group can help you pursue your job goals, whether you're looking for advice on professional networks, tips on adjusting to Canadian life, or both. We are proud to have reached this one-year milestone, and we look forward to many more years of helping and encouraging newcomers just like you.

Come along on this adventure with us

Discover the plethora of tools, chances, and relationships that BMG Group has in store for you. We are a family, not simply a company, dedicated to realizing your Canadian dream.

We are delighted to announce our official charitable status, marked by Charity Registration Number 78692 2146 RR0001. Your support can transform lives and bring hope to those in need. Join us in making a difference today.